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Accessing the Apache HTTP Server From a Browser. Once the Apache server is started, you're ready to try to access it from a web browser. The server comes with a default file that will be displayed if the configuration works properly. In-depth: Create A Simple ESP32 Web Server In Arduino IDE Accessing the Web Server in AP mode. After uploading the sketch, open the Serial Monitor at a baud rate of 115200. And press the RESET button on ESP32. If everything is OK, it will show HTTP server started message. Next, find any device that you can connect to a WiFi network – phone, laptop, etc. Accessing the web console | Lansweeper | IT Discovery Software

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How to access Web Disks on Microsoft Operating Systems To access the Web Disk immediately, select the Open this network location when I click Finish check box. Click Finish. The Web Disk home directory appears. You can now access your Web Disk at any time by starting File Explorer and expanding the Network folder. Accessing a Web Disk using Windows 7. To access a Web Disk using Windows 7, follow

Accessing the Apache HTTP Server From a Browser

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