My name is Tanya Compas, you can check out my Instagram Here to get a better idea of who I am. To keep it short, I am an award winning youth worker, community organiser and founder of Queer Black Christmas.

© 2010 - 2020 GoFundMe. Terms; Privacy; Legal Jul 13, 2020 · A GoFundMe page titled "Buy GOYA, Support Trump and Feed the Hungry" was created Sunday to support Goya Foods -- with a goal of raising $10,000 to buy products from the company to be donated to Hello, my name is Anthony Chimokwu. I am a newly qualified doctor from Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). I am writing this, having exhausted all options in dealing with my current tuition fee debacle. To summarise, I am an international student from Nigeria. I have been resident in the Uk for 1 GoFundMe screwed over my friend, canceled my payment and outed me on an anonymous contribution. I'm currently working with GoFundMe support team and they act like they have no idea who I am and as if my email address doesn't exist anywhere in their system. Funny enough, I clicked an advertisement at the top of the page to activate my GoFundMe

Hello everyone! My name is Trevor, and I would like to introduce myself, before explaining the reason for this fundraiser. I’m currently 19 years old, and I am from Michigan. I currently hold two jobs, one being service to my country. If you’re thinking that since I have two jobs I should be able to afford anything, allow me to explain.

Jan 30, 2019 · Frederick Joseph, creator of “The Black Panther Challenge”, shares some tips for how to effectively share your GoFundMe. For more tips on how to be a successful organizer, visit GoFundMe’s There is no way to hide your information from the organizer and the beneficiary, so you cannot stay completely anonymous with your funding. The pros and cons of GoFundMe generally balance toward the favorable side as it offers individuals and non-profits an opportunity to raise money when they need it. Good question. Let me know if anyone has the answer or if it’s just a good faith assumption based contribution. This recently came up in conversation about a Go Fund me account set up to help,someone with hospice costs. First, check that your account does not contain any campaigns with team members, fundraising minimums, or funds raised. Then you can delete each individual campaign. Only once the campaigns have be

To hide your donation amount from the page, make sure to tick the box next to 'Hide my amount from public view'. If you're donating to a charity, although you'll appear as 'Anonymous' on the Fundraising Page, the Page Owner will know who you are and how much you've given by logging into their account.

Hi, I set up a GoFundMe account and was wondering what name to put down. I put my name down at the beginning, but this account is not for me. I wanted to set it up for a lady and her son. I read about what happened to her son. A horrific incident where Bullies set her child on fire. I read the news article online through Facebook. I do not know them, but I want to make sure I set this up