Jazan (Arabic: جازان ‎ Jazan) is the smawest province o Saudi Arabie.It stretches some 300 km alang the soothren Reid Sea coast, juist north o Yemen.It covers an aurie o 11,671 km² an a population o 1,365,110 at the 2010 census (prelimiary result).

Ordona Province | Hyrule Conquest Wiki | Fandom Ordona Province is a playable faction in Hyrule Conquest. The vast Plains of Ordona have been ruled by numerous peoples throughout recorded history. Prior to the arrival of Akkalans in the south, the plains were home to the Moblins in the southwest and the Kingdom of Ikana in the southeast. The lands that would become Ordona Province were part of the Kingdom of Ikana during the unification of North Kryta Province - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW) Defend North Kryta Province in conjunction with War in Kryta spawns may however, accounting for the completion of the quest and hidden spawns all over the area, drive the enemy count up to 300. Elemental damage protection can help against the Fire and Inferno Imps .

English: An unofficial flag of the Province of Luxembourg, Belgium, made of: the flag of Luxembourg with the colours red, white and blue;; the coat of arms of the Belgian Province of Luxembourg. Blazon: Fessy five pieces argent five pieces azure overall a forked-tail lion gules crowned, armed, and langued or.; Note: the two different shades of blue used should not be confused/merged.

The caipital o the province is Kabul Ceety, which is an aw Afghanistan's caipital. The population o Kabul province is 3.5 million fowk as o 2009, o which amaist 80 percent live in the urban auries. References

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Sep 13, 2018 Namur (province) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free History. The origin of the province of Namur goes back to 1795, when the Austrian Netherlands and the Principality of Liège joint the French Republic; they were made part of the old department of Sambre-et-Meuse.. At the fall of the First French Empire, the department is dissolved and replaced by the Province of Namur, at the time of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Province - Europa Universalis 4 Wiki Jul 10, 2020