Recently, and randomly, the default gateway on my Arris modem changed from to fe80::201:5cff:fe75:5e46%7. At the same time, the switch that i have connected to my modem stopped working correctly - It will only allow 4 ports to be active at any time (i am using 8 of the 16 ports for various LAN connections, google wifi, and ooma telo).

Remove Antivirus Programs. It has been seen that many people encounter Windows 10 the default … Why does Ubuntu resolve the name `_gateway` to the default Previously it did that for the "gateway" name, hampering adoption, as some distributions wanted to leave that host name open for local use. The old behaviour may still be requested at build time. As you can see, some distributions objected to the use of gateway as an automagic alias so it was changed to _gateway. IPv6 deployment: Using IPv6 link-local addresses as

Solved: How do I change my default gateway IP address

I'm trying to get to my router's settings. The default IP address of my router ( doesn't work when I enter it in the address bar. Neither does the Default Gateway that I got from clicking on start, run, typing cmd and then ipconfig/all. Default gateway keeps dropping - Windows 10 Forums

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