These anonymizers and Anonymous web surfing services are usually used to hide your tracks while surfing the internet, making it impossible for anyone to trace what web-pages you have visited - but you can also use anonymizers and proxies to access YouTube and other websites at school or work that are blocked by a firewall. These anonymous web surfing services when used together with Firefox

My daily driver for anonymity purposes is the Psiphon 3 – an open-source VPN client developed in Canada, which is designed to give access to the open internet, past censors and firewalls. It might not be the best one there, but it does the job of circumventing geo-blocks. You can get the Psiphon 3 through this link HERE. You have 17 choices for the countries you wish to tunnel into how to open youtube at school when its blocked? | Yahoo Mar 28, 2009 YouTube restores 'wrongly blocked' LGBT videos - BBC News Apr 24, 2017 6 Ways To Access @YouTube Videos Even If They're Blocked Oct 13, 2014

Oct 13, 2014 · Unblock YouTube - Share some articles, like the two mentioned earlier in this post that explain that YouTube is one of the top tools for learning. Explain that you want to teach with the top tools and will ensure kids are armed with the how to use online resources responsibly.

From the video list, open the video that you would like to block. Click on the Rights Management tab on the left hand panel. Under ‘Ownership’ you will see an option to ‘Block outside of ownership.’

Mar 28, 2009 · All these are 100% Myspace and Youtube compatible and you can watch all Video sites through it After few days your school may get to know of these proxies and they may get blocked. That is how the web filters work.

11. Open and Access Blocked Facebook Website using Ultrasurf Application. There is a Windows application called Ultrasurf ( which is actually a proxy-based application that allows you to unlock the restricted sites like Facebook, YouTube, and more which are blocked in your network. The software is very small in size and How To Access Blocked Sites To Unblock Banned Webpages? Sep 10, 2019 How to Block Someone on YouTube - Working Guide 2020