Nov 29, 2018

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Aug 25, 2011 · Sorry to hear you’re having problems with email on your iPad. If you are using the secure settings for outgoing, then it should be set to use SSL and port 465, not 587 (which is for non-secure delivery). The incoming and outgoing mail settings should be using the same user (your email address) and mail server settings.

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Set up your tablet for Telstra Mail - Apple iPad 4 (iOS7 You can set up your tablet to send and receive email from your Telstra email account. Remember, you need to set up your tablet for internet and create a Telstra email account.Select an alternative email configuration:Set up your tablet for email- Set up your tablet for Exchange email If you can’t send emails on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Mar 20, 2020 How to manage Mail settings for iPhone and iPad | iMore May 11, 2020