Sometimes slow upload speeds are the fault of your Internet Service Provider. We recommend a high speed internet connection with high upload speeds. Often with Cable and DSL, the upload speed is significantly slower than the download speed. This will result in fast loading times for most websites and file downloads, but slow uploads.

Download Speed vs. Upload Speed: What's the Difference The upload speed is the rate that data is transferred from the user’s computer to the Internet. Cable companies set the default setting to download faster than upload. The reasoning behind this is that most people have more of a need to download information. is there a way to get better upload speeds? : Comcast_Xfinity No way to increase upload speed without going to a different speed tier. Gig tier has the highest available upload speed (35mbps) other than gig pro (2gbps) level 2 Slow OneDrive Upload Speed - Microsoft Tech Community - 720470

What this shows is that at lower connectivity speeds,maybe found a home, OneDrive is limited by your upload speed but once you get into faster business connections, OneDrive hasn't got the bandwidth. So another feather in Dropbox's cap as that's also a free account. BTW - an upload time of ~30s corresponds to a throughput of ~50Mbps so OneDrive

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IPBB includes ADSL2+, VDSL2, G.Fast and Ethernet technologies delivered over a hybrid of fiber optic and copper facilities which provides subscribers with significantly faster download speeds compared to traditional DSL connections. All speed tiers are asymmetrical or the download/upload speeds are different. Upload speeds are typically 10X slower than download -- even on the new 10Gb/s system being rolled out here - the upload speed is 1Gb/s unless you pay quite a massive increase for 10 Gb/s upload -- seriously at 10Gb/s upload you must be doing something really seriou !!!!. The raw file transfer speed should be about 2 seconds so Dropbox really shines here being five times faster than OneDrive and seven times faster than Google Drive. Now I could accept Google Drive being slower because that is using a free account and maybe they don't give those accounts the full possible speed.