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Routers basically by default openly broadcast the SSID. This helps the hackers to break the security and enter your network easily. If you are running a wireless network that has its SSID is not hidden then the security you have is zero. It is better to hide wireless network SSID on routers to prevent it from being seen by other persons. How to Kick People off Your Wi-Fi Jul 13, 2020 How To Make Wi-Fi Name Hidden From Other People? - YouTube Jul 15, 2015

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How to Make Your Wireless Network Invisible: 7 Steps

5 Wi-Fi security myths you must abandon now | PCWorld Don’t broadcast your SSID. Every wireless router (or wireless access point) has a network name … Should You Broadcast Your Wi-Fi SSID or Keep it Hidden? Jan 10, 2017 How Do I Hide My Neighbors' Wifi Networks? Obviously, you’ll want to replace the [[[NAME]]] part with the name of whatever wifi network you want to hide. Keep the quotes. If you ever want to look up what wireless networks you added to Download our VPN client for Windows, with -