Nov 05, 2013

It's reasonably safe to assume the NSA, and even the FBI, don't give a shit about you. It is not reasonable at all. Their declared policy is to collect everything, on everybody, and then see, what they can see. We know that using Tor or just doing a websearch for Tor or even just NSA will put you into a different category from Joe Blow. And it NSA Spying (2020): How to Stop the NSA from Having Access May 01, 2020 How the NSA Takes On the Tor Project | PCMag Oct 06, 2013 Leaked memo suggest NSA and US Army compromised Tor, I2P

How the NSA (Or Anyone Else) Can Crack Tor's Anonymity

Jul 03, 2014 Will NSA ever shut down TOR the only way to access dark TOR needs to shut down as early as possible by arranging combined operation with help of top technology companies and hackers, NSA and global political and cyber powers the reason why I am telling this because: On tor sites there are: 1) tons o

Tor does not rely on trusting the operators of the exit nodes, and in fact if you comb through the Snowden leaks for the "Tor Stinks!" presentation, the NSA seem to have not found a way to defeat Tor when the tool is used correctly. It often is n

Tor client installed TOP SECRET//COMINT// REL FVEY Circuit Reconstruction (S//SI) Tor relay node Internet site Tor entry node ANONYMIZER CLOUD Tor exit node Current: access to very few nodes. Success rate negligible because all three Tor nodes in the circuit have to be in the set of nodes we have access to. The NSA has tried multiple strategies for defeating Tor, with its most successful method focused on attacking vulnerable software on users' computers, including the Firefox browser, according to V.E. Schwab Reads an Excerpt From The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue 4 days ago Stubby the Rocket Candyman Director Nia DaCosta Shares the Film’s Haunting Animated Trailer 4 days ago New