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Firewall Settings: UDP Ports. 67. Used by proxy DHCP when it is not running on the same device as the DHCP server. 69. Used by the Imaging TFTP, but will not work across the firewall because it opens a random UDP port for each PXE device. The Imaging TFTP is used only with ZENworks Configuration Management. 997 . Used by the Imaging Server for Firewall rule needed for DHCP ? | Netgate Forum I've enabled DHCP relay on the various VLAN interfaces, and specified the IP of our internal DHCP-server. But, in order to get DHCP working I had to add the following rule on the subnet where the DHCP-server lives : UDP 68 67 * Permit DHCP Ports, Protocols, and IP Address Ranges for Firewalls If you’re building or installing a firewall to protect your computer and your data, basic information about Internet configurations can come in very handy. The following tables give you the facts on IP protocols, ports, and address ranges. Common IP Protocols Protocol Name 1 ICMP (ping) 6 TCP 17 UDP 47 GRE (PPTP) 50 ESP […] DHCP (UDP ports 67 and 68) - openSUSE Forums

Oct 24, 2013

The Ring application listens for connections primarily over ports 7076/7077 as well as 9078/9079. Generally, Ring devices and the Ring application can access the ports they need without any problems. Occasionally a firewall on the router (gateway) in your home or business may be configured to block one or more of these ports. Windows 2003 Server - Firewall blocks DHCP Server just open up the Windows Firewall, click the exceptions tab, scroll the list and find DHCP and check the box. click ok. or if DHCP isn't on the list, click add, add DHCP, click ok. then find it on TCP/IP and UDP Port Requirements for Conversion

TCP/IP and UDP Port Requirements for Conversion

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